Saturday, July 14, 2012

Squier Vintage Mondified Jaguar

Could have paid $3,600 for a Custom Shop 1962 Jaguar or $1,700+ for a 50th Anniversary one, or the made in Mexico Classic Player Jaguar for $800

So I cheaped out and bought the Squier version which cost about three months of your SmartPhone bill, or a fraction of the Classic Player. 

Sure, it was made in Indonesia. The screws are all loose and it needs a tune-up right out of the box. A small cost for more than $3,000 savings if I had bought the Custom Shop. Remember, this is the Beach Boy's guitar, after all. No collection complete without one.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Squier Duo Sonic Classic Vibe

According to Fender, built in China in April, 2009. Fender discontinued this guitar March, 2012. So wonderful to have a collector's item.

Jimi Hendrix's first guitar was a Duo Sonic. Michael Bloomfield used one, too. Short scale and light.

Epiphone AJ 100 acoustic

Believe it was built in 2006. For a short time, Epiphone did not produce these.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hand-made Fender Super Strat

Hand-made Fender Super Strat

Yes, I’ve always wanted a Super Strat. They went out of production. One time I’m shopping Ebay and see Super Strat pickups. Won them for like $150. Then I found a Johnson maple neck, about $75. Got a gold bridge, push-pull pot. Took it to Guitar Electronics to wire (let the experts handle it) and I have a Super Strat for half of what they listed for. If you can find one used, you’re lucky. I had to build mine – but it is USA made, so it should be worth those expensive custom shop prices. Don’t be deceived. Many list “super strat” but it doesn’t have the pickups or push to get the bridge and neck pickups working together. Someone told me this gives a tele sound, not on mine. I leave all 3 pickups on. Sounds great that way.

" Fender Deluxe Super Strat® Review

The Deluxe Super Start has the classic Stratocaster body and plays much like the Standard Stratocaster, but there are some distinctions with this model. The first is the Super Fat "Super" Strat single coil pickups. The tones from these are pure blues and jazz. I don't think I would recommend this for heavy metal guitar playing, but it works great for blues. It really has some beautiful tones.

The other distinction is the 2 extra tones with this model. The Deluxe Super Strat comes with the traditional 5-way pick-up switch.

1. Bridge Pickup
2. Bridge and Middle Pickup
3. Middle Pickup
4. Middle and Neck Pickups
5. Neck Pickup

What is unique are the 2 extra pickup combinations that are activated when the button on the pickguard is pressed.

When the switch is in the 5 position and the button on the fretboard is pressed, the Bridge and Neck pickups are activated. In this position, you can attain the distinctive tone of the Fender Telecaster.

When the switch is in the 4 position and the button on the fretboard is pressed, all the pickups (Middle, Neck and Bridge) are activated.

This is a Mexican made guitar, which means its cheaper than the American models, yet with nearly the same quality (as far as I can tell). Priced around $500.00, which is an unbeatable price for this type of guitar. Very light and easy to play, stays in tune very well. I would definitely recommend this guitar for blues players at any level. "

From Guitar MX

Epiphone Black Beauty

Epiphone Black Beauty

Okay, you can tell by the looks, this is my favorite guitar. Three pickups. Set Neck!!!! (lots of sustain).Sells for like $600, without case. Sure it was made in Korea. I’m suppose to pay $5G for a “made in USA” tag on a Gibson? Check this link and tell me why I should fork over $4,100 more just for the name Gibson. Same guitar:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gin Blossom signed Epiphone Special

Gin Blossom signed Epiphone Special

Nothing special here. Just an inexpensive work horse guitar. Pete Townshend should be smashing these, not expensive Gibson SGs.

Signed by Scott Johnson and Robin Wilson of the Gin Blossoms at Long Wong’s in Tempe, where they got their start. Building that housed Long Wong’s is gone. Put on some stuff from an art store to preserve their signatures, since this is where my right arm goes.

Two humbuckers, dark wood neck, back of neck is painted white.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ibanez RG 570 - Japan

Talk about a guitar! This was made in Japan; year ’93. It is an RG 570. Ibanez still makes something like it, but not quite. This has a Wizard neck, Gotoh tuners, imitation DiMarzio pickups – V2 and V7, plus an S1 in the middle. 5 way switching. Floyd Rose tremolo. It never goes out of tune.

The problem is, I’m the world’s second worst guitar player. I used to think I was the worst until Guitar Center’s grand opening in Scottsdale. This guitar beaches at me everyday. It wants a rock god playing it, not a word jockey. Remember, this was the poor man’s Steve Vai guitar. Sold new for like $700.