Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fender Squier Frankenstein

The story behind this guitar is the Fender Ensenada plant burned in 1994. Fender was forced to assemble something like 78 Squier Strats in its Corona, USA, plant. Parts was parts. Whatever was laying around was used on the guitars.

This Squier distinctly has the Made in USA label. Pickguard does not lay flat. I was the one to paint it and pickup covers. Neck is good. Add to the fact that it is one of a handful of Squier’s made in USA, it was signed by Gin Blossoms’ Robin Wilson and Scotty Johnson at Long Wong’s in Tempe, where the band got their start, in 2002.

Long Wong’s is long gone, destroyed by some developer. It is now a vacant lot. There’s almost voodoo with this guitar.

Rosewood neck – 21 frets
Pickups – 3 ? single coil
Pots - ?
Tuners - ?

Anyone have an idea what this guitar is worth?

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