Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hand-made Electric

One of several guitars hand-made from parts. When I purchased the neck on Ebay, the seller said it was the best neck ever. That seller wasn’t kidding. I prefer maple necks, but this is wonderful. As good as any Corona-made.

I’ve had a picture of a Fender Strat on my wall for years. Ironically, this body matches it perfectly. You can see by light reflection how polished the finish is.

You’ll notice there are no guitar strap buttons. Oh well.

Now, let’s get into the meat of this. At the bridge there is a DiMarzio super distortion. Great pickup. Can’t knock Larry’s products. Full-bodied sound to punch through other band members noise. Yet, each pickup is unique.

In the middle is a Fender Lace Red. Crystal clear humbucker sound. I’d love to try the noiseless, but not on this guitar.

At the neck is a Fender Tele Tex-Mex. Don’t ask me where it came from. To quote an old TV ad, parts is parts. It is louder than the Fender Lace and has that Texas twang. Great for blues.

To sum it up, bottom pickup rock, middle clear or jazz, top blues. Guitar Electronics did the inside wiring. Pull the bottom volume and it makes the DiMarzio single pickup plus a combination of other sounds I’ve yet to figure out which pickup is which.

What I have found is you’ve got three guitars in one, but mixing the pickups is like mixing oil and water – it doesn’t work.

I’ve considered offers of $800 for this, but think of what a custom Strat would cost! I would be willing to part with this.

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